FORUM of binary options

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Anna 01.12.2013 00:38
In this case your bonus will be nullified and you won’t have to win it back when you credit your account next time.

Maxim 01.12.2013 00:38
Hello. I was offerred a bonus. What happens if I take a bonus and cannot win it back?

Anna 01.12.2013 00:37
Nataly, if you register via my website or my newsletters, minimum deposit is $100. This is relevant information and it is not changing in the near future.

Nataly 01.12.2013 00:37
Hello, Anna!! On your website I read that minimum deposit is $100. Is it true for today?

Anna 01.12.2013 00:36
Mark, you can read about winning bonuses back in the STRATEGIES section (see Strategy №5)

Mark 01.12.2013 00:35
Hi, Anna. Is there an article on your website about winning back bonuses? Could you please give me a link to this page? Thanks.

Nuraly 01.12.2013 00:35
Thanks a lot, Anna.

Anna 01.12.2013 00:34
Hi, Igor. I personally have not withdrawn money to But I think this is possible. Select method of withdrawal (Other), enter your purse number, and enter in the comment field.

Igor 01.12.2013 00:34
Hi, Anna. I have credited my account via Can I withdraw my money to, too? Thanks.

Anna 01.12.2013 00:33
The market may become volatile after the 10 pm news. 0.25% interest will hardly change but this stability may cause the dollar to strengthen. The same situation was with Canada news (I saw it myself). After the interest rate news came out the rate itself didn’t change but it affected USD/CAD strongly. Moreover, the results of the Conference on reserve systems held by the USA Federal Committee is expected to be published, which can also affect the USD.




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