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STRATEGY 6 of binary options. Follow Signal from Algobit.

    Here I would like to tell you how to earn money using Algobit, which is both easy and profitable.


Let’s start with a definition.

Algobit is an analytical tool from OptionBit that helps earn money almost automatically: this tool is constantly searching for volatile markets and informs you on new trends.

 Algobit allows a beginning trader to earn money even if they have no experience in trading binary options, no special knowledge and skills of conducting market analysis.

Moreover, when trading via Algobit you don’t have to keep the OptionBit platform open. All trades are conducted immediately from Algobit.

Simply put, Algobitis a system that gives signals for specific assets (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, Apple, USD/RUR etc.) about their price rising or falling in the short-term run (1 min, 2 min, 5 min) or in the long-term run (or till the end of the day).

Algobit performs analytical work, conducts technical analysis of assets, and then forms an appropriate signal for the trader. All the trader has to do is to follow the signal and conduct a trade.

For example: Algobit issues a signal that the GBP/USD rate will be rising in the short-term. Seeing this signal, the trader buys a call GBP/USD option due in 2 minutes. Two minutes later the trade is closed, and the trader must fix the profit. It seems simple when put in words, which raises suspicion. I assure you that from my own experience: I know that this system really works.

 Using Algobit, I earned 4,560 rubles in 2 minutes. Below there is a video proving this.


   After watching this video, you may still have doubts, because this video covered one trade only.

To remove all your doubts, I prepared another video where you can see statistics of my evening trading by using Algobit signals. I conducted 8 trades, and 6 of them brought me profit.

     Knopka_Begin_Trading              Knopka_Registration            

   Attention! Algobit offers signals absolutely FOR FREE, which caught my attention in the first place. Nowadays a lot of services require money for such signals.

Algobit is a reliable tool for trading binary options that helps you earn money easily.

Moreover, Algobit platform offers manual trading without Algobit, which allows the trader to trade in one system (window). This is very convenient for those who combine manual trading and trading via signals.

Now you may wonder: Well, where is the hook? This can’t be true! Why did OptionBit create such system that can bring them huge losses?

This is not so simple. Such systems like Algobit don’t consider economic news and data from important reports.

That is why you should use Algobit when no important economic news is expected to be published. So you will need an economic calendar from Investing.com.

Let’s take an example. Below there is an economic calendar from August 27, 2013. Click the image to enlarge it.

Безымянный      As you see from the screen shot, important economic news is expected to be published at 12:00, 13:30, 16:55, 17:00, and 18:00. 

At 12:00, Business Climate Index for Germany will be published. This news has a high level of importance (three bull heads). For this reason, at this time (+/- 30 min) the market will be very volatile (sharp rises and falls, swings, fluctuations depending on the actual index value), especially for currency pairs with EUR.

At 18:00, the important news for the USA will be published. This news affects the US Dollar (USD). At this time (+/- 30 min) the market will be very volatile, especially for currency pairs with USD.

To determine the exact time of news publishing, select a time zone (see the image below on how to do it) and your city or a city that has the same time as yours.


        Trading by using Algobit signals is most profitable and less risky on those days and at those hours when no important economic news is expected or when this news has a low level of importance. Make sure to use an economic calendar from Investing.com to get even higher profits.

     Knopka_Begin_Trading                     Knopka_Registration          

   For those who still have not understood how to trade via Algobit platform, I recommend you to watch this detailed VIDEO.

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