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VIDEO "How to Withdraw Money from OptionBit"

to withdraw money from the account it is necessary to pass to the section "CASHIER".

If you did replenishment through the cash card, your earnings of OptionBit list to you on that card with which you did replenishment.

The sum which is more than earlier brought deposit, goes a bank transfer on your card. For this purpose you need to learn an account number which is open under your card from your bank. If you use Internet bank or the Client bank, you will be able always to find an account number in this system.

SWIFT a code of recipient's bank is a code of your bank in system of international payments of SWIFT.

BIK is an identification code of your bank in system of calculations of Bank of Russia.

To learn BIK and SWIFT code of your bank pass to a site of your bank, Bank details you will be able always to find these codes in the section.

For your convenience I decided to lay out information on BIK-codes and SWIFT codes of some popular banks among the population:


Bank Name SWIFT-Code BIK Information source
SBERBANK OF RUSSIA SABRRUMM 044525225 Follow the link
AVANGARD BANK AVJS RU MM 044525201 Follow the link
ALFA BANK ALFARUMM 044525593 Follow the link
BANK OF MOSCOW MOSW RU MM 044525219 Follow the link

If you independently couldn't find SWIFT code or BIK of your bank, address to me, I to you will help to find it. Write on mail info@binary-option.ru or leave the message by means of the Consultant of a Site form.

 It is probably interesting to you to learn From where I all this I know (the BIK, SWIFT codes and so forth)?

I explain the matter is that I have bank length of service on a senior position more than 10 years and perfectly I understand the dismissed systems.

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